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It may seem as though we have been hiding out or laying low for the last little while.  This is not true, for we live in the shadows and watch as a world limps on, sustained with only shards of evidence to our continued manic, blurry existence.  The past few months have been filled with sunshiny ups and tumbling downs for The Tom Fun Orchestra.  We've lost our friend, Jay Smith.  Our Island now has one less heartbeat per minute.  Our man with the wrong-handed banjo tripped on some stairs and his brains started bleeding. He seems to have fully recovered, but was he ever really ok?  They couldn't cure him of left-handedness, after all. 

We've had a few fellas move house, mostly so that we could all live closer to one another.  If you are reading this, then you may notice our new fancy-pants website, designed by our bestest friend, Kt Lamond.  What a gem. 

Dave is about to become a published author, Shane is off playing tunes with our buddies in Sprag Session, and Albert went and rebuilt an amplifier.  Rest assured, Wilton is still wicked awesome at the drums and Breagh's voice can make even Ian's guttural bark sound pretty.  Hold your heads up high, little britches, because we aim to step back out into the light of day, or at least the light of street lamps. 

A band songwriting weekend is happening very soon and will produce even more tuneful songs and songful tunes for you and for everybody else too.  We're shipping our short film, "Pavement & Miracles" from Vimeo to Youtube to expand your chances to see even us look sort of cool.  But first, we need everybody's help to locate Shane's stolen instruments, which include a 1960's black/yellow Harmony Bobcat guitar, Traynor Bass Amp Combo (15 Inch speaker), and multiple pedals (Korg DT-10 tuner, Diamond Fireburst distortion pedal, Electroharmonix Big Muff).  Saddle me up a pony and help track down these stolen goods.

With squinty-eyed love from your hedges at night,

The Tom Fun Orchestra

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